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Thanks to Chris Brown for the opportunity to shoot at his “Ride With Chris Brown” clinic in Golden recently.

Chris is renowned for his parts in Slednecks movies as well as many others, and it was an eye opener for me to see not just what a talented rider he is (which kinda goes without saying), but how he manages to share that skill and knowledge with sledders at his clinics.

As many people know, being a talented athlete does not automatically translate into being a good coach / teacher.

For Chris – his skill translates well into coaching others – I was blown away by how much everyone on the clinic improved in only two days.  We had a diverse range of riders – 10 people ranging from 15 yrs old to 70+.  Riding experience from many many years, to just 4 rides prior to the clinic!

By the end of the weekend, everyone was stepping it up for the camera – using all the skills they’d learned.  It was also great to see the commitment to teach safe riding and avalanche safety aspects as well as the technical riding skills.

Thanks to Chris and Mountain Motorsports for hosting the clinic.

Find out more about Chris’s clinics HERE

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