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This month I had the opportunity to shoot another HR Pacific project. This time it was their first completed project designed by renowned architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The slideshow above is a selection of the images from the photoshoot.

The property, at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, is a testament to the technical skill of the architects and HR Pacific.

At a cursory glance the property looks like many other contemporary resort homes. Only on closer examination do you see the attention to detail that has gone into the design and build of this exceptional property.

The use of light and materials to create seamless continuity from interior design to the outside space becomes more apparent with every feature you look at. Continuity of lines in the materials used (see the cabinetry shots above as an example), from inside to the outside, the perfect reveal around all trim elements as well as the complete lack of visible fastenings are all subtle but strong examples of what differentiates this build from many other resort homes.

For more information on the architect and construction company visit:

This photoshoot was also my first with a combination of the new Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 24mm TS-E lens. A review of both the lens and body combo to come in a future blog post.

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