Sledding Photoshoot


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Last year, while on a photoshoot with Aaron Bernasconi from, I met up with Paul Poohkay.  After riding with us for a while, Paul decided he’d like to arrange his own photoshoot to capture some images of his riding – as a reminder of what he gets up to on his Nytro Turbo, as well as something to show the kids.

I rode and shot with Paul for two days.  Day one in Hope was overcast, but great snow, and we had a chilled time riding the trees and some deep pow.  Day two we moved over to another local zone and the weather did us a huge favour, with windows of blue and broken cloud all day.

The two day shoot gave Paul and I a chance to get to know each other, as well as how he likes to ride, and how to get the best shots.  Helped by the great light on day two, as well as Paul getting more comfortable in front of the lens, we managed to get some great shots for the wall.

As Paul himself described it… “It’s not as easy as you imagine.  We see all these riders on videos and in magazines and assume that every moment is easy to capture.  I never realized the hard work that riders put in – it’s not like riding with your friends!!”

From my angle I think Paul did a great job.  It’s tough when you don’t spend your life in front of a lens to just ride naturally and forget the camera is there – but by day two Paul certainly relaxed and started to show me exactly what he can do with a bit of fresh pow and a turbo nytro under his thumb!

Thanks Paul for a great couple of days.

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