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Several of the kayaking crews I shot with this summer talked about a trip to Revelstoke, but it was only after a planned trip to Fernie fell through that we finally got this one on the road.

With Dave Earl taking the lead, having paddled both the Jordan and the Illecillewaet Rivers before, we were joined by Mike Reeder, Juan Acero and Jack Cresswell.

A global crew (which seems to have been standard practice this season), the guys paddled both the Jordan and the Illecillewaet River.  I was able to get into a couple of technical sections on the Jordan and the sweet but crazy box canyon on the Illi.

Despite an impressive swim by Jack, good times were had by all. Thanks again to the guys for again stepping up on the final drop in the Canyon to attack the line in the light – I’m still not sure if it was for their own ‘amusement’ or for the benefit of the camera – either way – shot of the day goes to Mike!  Even better than the jumping salmon… honest!

Thanks again guys for a great day. Enjoy.

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