Riley Suhan – Sled Shoot


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For those that live in Golden or are mountain bikers, you’ll definitely know Riley as a guy that rips on the downhill mountain biking circuit.

What not everyone knows, is that he’s also a super talented sledder.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Riley on mountain biking shoots over the years, and enjoy every opportunity we get to go out shooting in the winter too.  Each time we go out he pulls out a new trick, and every single thing he does is styled-up.

In mid February we headed up to Gorman to find the whole area was pounded, and that almost all of the “secret zones” were tracked out.  At the point of almost giving up and calling it a day, we found a small area with a handful of windlips and step-ups, which Riley proceeded to demolish! Browse the slideshow above to see some of the shots from a great session.

Check out more about Riley on his website HERE

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