“Simple” Websites

"Simple Website"..


The vast majority of potential clients who walk into my office for a free consultation explain that they are looking for a “Simple” website….. they then go on to request a website that will include news functions, newsletter systems, blogs, reservation systems, social media integration, CMS (content management systems), etc etc.

After discussing this “simple” concept with many clients, I have come to realize that they typically mean one or more of the following three things:

  • the website should be easy for the user to navigate
  • the website should have a contemporary “clean” design
  • it should not cost too much

I agree with all of the above, and assure all my existing and future clients that any work delivered by Best Impressions will meet all these requirements.

Often the first two items, when incorporated with the list of features and functionality that many clients want and need today, come at the expense of a ‘cheap’ website, but it will never ‘cost too much’.  Every feature and function that is added to a website should be assessed, and I will work with my clients to determine whether it will either save them time, or generate revenue, thereby justifying the cost of development.

So…. when you’re thinking about a new website, and preparing yourself for an initial meeting with a web developer, save them the heartache of hearing the request for a “simple” website…. unless of course you want just one page with a small amount of text and a single photo :-)

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